TVS NTorq 125 vs Suzuki Burgman Street Comparison Shootout
Suzuki Burgman Street vs TVS NTorq 125 – Click above for high resolution image gallery

Shootout: Suzuki Burgman Street vs TVS NTorq 125

Shootout No. 189

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 80,140/- (Suzuki Burgman Street), Rs. 74,650/- (TVS NTorq 125)

The Suzuki Burgman is a maxi-scooter in every sense while the TVS NTorq is a sporty scooter for the fun-loving youth

The scooter era in India started in 2001 and until the launch of Suzuki Access 125, everyone was drooling over 100-110cc scooters and went berserk as the Access was launched. It had a brilliant response and every other manufacturer wanted a piece of this pie(125cc category). Slowly and steadily we saw more 125cc options coming from other manufacturers but in 2018 we’ve seen a variety of entries. The Burgman Street from Suzuki and the NTorq 125 from TVS are not just the regular 125’s. Both these scooters have been launched with a uniqueness of their own and they do stand out!

Motor Quest: Suzuki launched the Access 125 in 2007 while it had its first prominent update in 2016. The Suzuki Burgman Street has the underpinnings from the Suzuki Access 125 while it comes with a fresh and new look, a maxi-styled scooter. The TVS NTorq 125, on the other hand, is the first 125cc scooter from the Indian manufacturer. TVS has derived the dynamics of the NTorq with the help of its racing division, TVS racing. Making it a very race-oriented sporty scooter.

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The Burgman has a brilliant LED headlight while the NTorq only gets LED DRLs

Styling – There’s simply no competition for the Burgman’s maxi-styling. The large front apron incorporates the LED headlight in the middle along with the turn indicators nicely placed on either edge. The NTorq’s styling, on the other hand, is generic and nothing out of the ordinary. Its handlebar integrated turn indicators are a nice touch though. There’s a front windshield on the Burgman which is as good as that on the NTorq because the NTorq has none and the Burgman’s doesn’t serve any purpose.

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The NTorq looks edgy and sharp against the bulky Burgman

The sheer road presence of the Burgman is unbeatable while the NTorq looks understated in comparison

It’s the rear where the NTorq does better with its nice proportions. The Burgman’s rear just seems hollow because of the small tyre. The exhaust on the Burgman is beefy while the one on the NTorq is sleek yet both the exhausts go well with the overall character of their respective scooters. Colour options for the NTorq include eye-catchy schemes whereas the Burgman comes in organic yet nicely finished black, white and grey colours which looks premium.

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The TVS NTorq 125 gets a loaded instrument cluster

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – Both the scooters come with a digital instrument cluster but the NTorq’s is a more feature loaded one. The multi-information display on the NTorq is attractive and you can even connect your phone with it via Bluetooth. This allows you to see any incoming calls or messages on the cluster itself without having to take out your phone. It also displays the navigation information via text and it the best cluster we’ve seen till date on any scooter. The black and white display on the Burgman is fairly basic and is limited to speed, fuel and time-related information.

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Burgman’s cluster displays the basic details in a very neat manner

Both these displays are bright enough and are easily readable even under direct sunlight. Burgman’s cluster is placed ahead of the handlebar while the NTorq has it on the handlebar and it’s easy to read too. The switchgear on the Burgman is very basic but the quality feels better than the NTorq. However, the NTorq gets a kill-switch which isn’t seen in any of the scooters in the Indian market. It also gets an integrated pass light switch which is missing on the Burgman.