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The Burgman is slower off the line but has better straight line stability

Riding Dynamics – As the TVS NTorq has the TVS Racing DNA within, it handles corners like a piece of cake. While the straight line stability of the Burgman is just mind-blowing. The Burgman has a lighter handlebar as everything is put on the bulky body, the feedback from the NTorq’s handlebar is much better. Even though the Burgman looks big from the outside, it actually weighs less at 108 kgs compared to the NTorq’s 116 kgs. You don’t really feel the difference when you get going and both of them provide excellent manoeuvrability in city traffic. The footboard of the NTorq is very small if you have long feet but the Burgman’s footboard is just brilliant. This is especially useful when you go on long rides on the Burgman allowing you to easily stretch your legs forward, kind of like a cruiser bike.

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Thicker tyres make the NTorq more stable around the corners

The Burgman is well suited with a pillion whereas riding the NTorq solo is fun

The Burgman has skinnier tyres and less rolling resistance which is the reason it can gather pace easily. However, the grip from the fatter TVS rubber on the NTorq is surreal. Both the Burgman and the NTorq get front disc brakes, the NTorq has petal disc. The feedback from the brakes and stopping distance is just the same as the Burgman gets a combined braking system which the NTorq misses out on. The suspension setup on the Burgman is lifted from the Access but the Burgman has more front weight making the rear suspension feel too stiff. Whereas the overall suspension setup on the NTroq is stiff to aid better handling. But both the scooters feel quite compliant on our Indian roads.

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At a decent difference of price, chosing one is the real challenge

Verdict – Both the scooters are very well set up by the respective company and have some traits of their own. The Burgman comes at a cost and misses out on features like the mindblowing console NTorq has. While the NTorq does not have the comfort and space the Brugman provides. The Burgman is more of a matured scooter for the family and a capable one to do highway duties. The NTorq, on the other hand, is a fun and a sporty scooter more suited for the city and some casual yet spirited riding. If anyone is looking for a scooter keeping family duties in mind, then the Burgman should be the pick; but if the priorities lean more towards fun riding and city commute, the NTorq is the one to go for.

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These scooters are really fun to ride

Testers’ Note:

“The Suzuki Burgman is one comfortable scooter and fits the bill for both tall riders as well as pillions whereas the TVS NTorq is more sporty and if I had to choose one, I would opt for the Indian scooter for it’s not only more fun but also much more value for money.” – Faisal Khan, Editor, MotorBeam.

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