The Suzuki Burgman Street has been launched in India, further crowding the 125cc scooter segment.

Suzuki Burgman Street Colours
The Suzuki Burgman Street is aimed at the younger generation and comes with maxi styling

Currently in our comparison of the scooters present in the 125cc segment, the TVS Ntorq 125 leads by being the jack of all trades. But, with the launch of the Suzuki Burgman Street, will it still be able to retain the top spot, read to find out.

Design and Looks – The Suzuki Burgman Street is the first Maxi-style scooter to have been launched after the Kinetic Blaze. Its competitors, the TVS Ntorq 125 and the Honda Grazia 125 look on a diet in front of it. While The Grazia and Ntorq are comfortable scooters already, the Burgman with its bigger body is able to accommodate a bigger seat. This makes the Burgman more comfy. It also has a bigger foot-board which provides enough space for extending your legs. Look-wise, none of the scooters look unattractive and it all boils down to personal preference.

Dimensions – The Suzuki Burgman Street is the longest among the three while the TVS Ntorq is the widest and the tallest. Honda Grazia happens to be the smallest in terms of dimensions which help it in being nippier and easier to manoeuvre. Having said that, the Ntorq too changes directions quickly and is easy to ride in the city traffic. The Burgman is the smallest in width which makes it easier to zip through tight traffic conditions.

Features – All the three scooters get front disc brakes, a fully-digital instrument cluster, mobile charging socket and generous storage space. The Grazia gets LED headlamp while the Burgman in addition gets LED tail light. The Ntorq gets mobile Bluetooth connectivity, petal rotors, parking brake, best lap and last lap timer, call alert, navigation assist and others. The Ntorq is clearly the more feature rich scooter while the Burgman comes a close second.

Powertrain – The Burgman, Ntorq and Grazia are powered by 124.3cc, 124.7cc and 124.9cc engines respectively. The Ntorq has the highest power output at 9.5 HP whereas the Burgman and Grazia are tied at 8.5 HP. All the three scooters come with a CVT gearbox. The Ntorq with its larger weight of 116 kgs needs that power. The Grazia being the lightest at 107 kgs won’t feel the lack of power. The Burgman lies in between the two at 108 kgs and should not stress while pulling off the line. What works in favour of the Burgman is also the fact that it uses the same engine as the Suzuki Access 125, which is very responsive. Burgman also has the largest fuel tank at 5.6-litres giving it that slightly extra range. Overall, in city driving, none of the scooters should disappoint and perform well enough.

Verdict – It is not really tough to figure out that the TVS Ntorq 125 is the apparent winner, again. It comes with a ton of features, has the highest power output among all the scooters and looks good. It is also very competitively priced and the TVS network is second to none.

Having said that, the Honda Grazia 125 has Honda’s reliability and lighter weight going for it. Its low height also makes it accessible to shorter people. The Suzuki Burgman Street is the newest scooter of them all. It departs from the conventional styling and will be India’s first official Maxi-styled scooter that is surely going to appeal to the younger generation and to the people who plan to travel long distances on a scooter.

Suzuki Burgman Street vs TVS Ntorq 125 vs Honda Grazia 125

Suzuki Burgman Street Vs TVS Ntorq 125 Vs Honda Grazia 125

TVS NTorq 125 Side
The TVS Ntorq 125 has an exhaustive feature list
Honda Grazia Pearl Red
The Honda Grazia 125 looses out to its competition but still happens to be a good scooter