Suzuki is the only manufacturer which takes years and years to reply to its competition. Arch rival Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki are quick to reply to each and other European counterparts but Suzuki has always come in the last. When it comes to updating litre class bikes or even getting back to MotoGP, Suzuki takes its own sweet time. The naked litre class is booming since a very long time.

Ever since Honda rolled out the CB1000R, the quest and love for the handlebar began worldwide. It was significantly low on power when compared to the Fireblade because it carried the same engine and chassis but several updates were done to make sure it qualifies for the street-fighter nomenclature. Kawasaki has been making the Z1000 for more than a decade now. Suzuki made the GSR750 and GSX-R750 but never forayed into the litre class super naked segment. Now the news is coming in that Suzuki’s litre class super naked is on its way with a modest 150 BHP engine onboard.

The styling is best inspired from the GSR750 which is one such Suzuki product which has been commercially and critically acclaimed worldwide. The engine and chassis will be taken from the GSX-R1000 or the GSR750 itself. Suzuki is known for crafting out the best in class ergonomics and the engine as we all know, they are absolutely sublime. Expect this motorcycle to come at Cologne, where the international motorcycle show will be held this October.

The Suzuki GSR1000 (as it is likely to be known) will compete against its Japanese contenders, but like its Japanese competition, they are no match to the Europeans who pack in around 40 BHP extra and come with electronic systems like traction control, riding modes, etc. An India launch is imminent because Suzuki has been getting their CBU options without any hiccup as they have a Dabangg person to promote it extremely well.