Rolling back the odometer to get a better value for the vehicle which is a common practice in Europe will be banned by May 2018.

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1 in every 20 vehicle in Europe has its meter clocked for fraud purposes

The European Parliament says all mileage correction firms will have a ban by 2018. Yes, till the announcement was made it was legal in the European countries to wind back the odometer in a vehicle. This term is known as clocking in the European countries and they had established legal firms to do the same. It is common in the UK to clock a vehicle, in fact you get clocking instruments online in the county. Penalties already exist if dealers sell a clocked car or a private seller intentionally sells a clocked vehicle. They must disclose this to the potential buyer or else it is considered a fraud.

Knowing the importance of the deceit faced by the dealers of used vehicles, the parliament finally announced a ban on clocking companies by May 2018. The dealers lose their honor and also have to face heavy fines if a vehicle has passed under the company without them knowing the manipulation of the meter. According to the reports of HPI, UK’s vehicle history check expert, one in every 20 cars has a misrepresentation of mileage. HPI believes it is not possible to stop clocking promptly but an eventual effort and the act supporting against it will surely make a difference. HPI has been a committed supporter against clocking and understands the significance of the problems related to it.

The verdict passed by the EU Transport Commissioner makes it illegal to tamper with the odometer of a vehicle. There was a rise of three percent in the number of cars having fake mileage indicated in 2013 as compared to 2012. The numbers further kept on increasing. The new act will surely bring a pause to this misbehaviour and a legitimate car mileage reading will be represented. We do hope that the Indian government also takes a similar measure to ensure used cars being sold in India aren’t being tampered with.

Even digital odometers are being tampered with although it’s not as easy as analogue