Tata Motors has announced the #Fantastico name hunt for crowd-sourcing the new name for its upcoming hatchback previously called as the Zica.

Tata Zica Test Drive Review
The hatchback was showcased with the name Zica at the 2016 Auto Expo

After years of dull sales, Tata Motors was finally expecting things to change with the upcoming hatchback called Zica (acronym of ZIppy CAr) as it was appreciated by most of the reviewers and got a good response. But Tata Motors will now have to rename it to avoid any negative impact due to the recent epidemic of Zika virus that is claimed to result in a number of birth deformities.

Tata Motors has come up with a very innovative campaign called the #Fantastico name hunt which will accept suggestions from the public about the new name of the hatchback. The entries can be submitted by anyone in India or abroad using different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or SMS.

Entries for the #Fantastico name hunt can be submitted before 23:59 IST or 18:29 GMT on 7th January and one lucky winner whose suggestion matches the finalised name stands a chance to win the new car if he/she is in India and if not, an equivalent amount will be given as prize.

Tata Motors will shortlist some entries for the public to vote for anyone of them and the name with the most number of votes will be finalized and announced in a few weeks after completing all the branding and legal formalities. The contest can actually result in increased popularity of the upcoming hatchback as people will be excited about the new name.

The upcoming hatchback was very aggressively marketed by Tata Motors under the #madeofgreat campaign which established a relation between the car and the life of Argentine footballer Lionnel Messi who is the company’s new Global Brand Ambassador. The following links can be used for participating in the #Fantastico Name Hunt –

  1. Facebook – www.facebook.com/tatamotorsmadeofgreat
  2. Twitter – https://twitter.com/madeofgreat
  3. Whatsapp <Name of the car> to 09920425487
  4. SMS <Name of the car> to 9227112345
2016 Tata Zica Review
The hatchback previously called as Zica has the best-in-class storage space