Tata Motors’ new design language will be seen across its all-new products starting with the soon to be launched Zica hatchback.

Tata Impact Design Language
The IMPACT Design will influence the exterior & interior of new Tata cars

The more recent years saw Tata Motors make a comeback from oblivion in the passenger vehicle space with new strategies that have made a direct impact on its product lineup. Keeping up with the same strategy, the automaker has now announced its new ‘IMPACT’ design language that will feature on the automaker’s forthcoming passenger vehicles starting from the upcoming Zica hatchback.

IMPACT stands for “Immediate IMPACT at first sight, Lasting IMPACT over time” and Tata states that people form an initial opinion about a design in the first 20 seconds of seeing the car. The company acknowledges the fact that design is one of the key focus areas in addition to developing new technologies for a vehicle and the new philosophy ensures the overall language is new, youthful, energetic and bold, all of which will help make a lasting impact on the customer.

The IMPACT Design is further divided into key elements for the exterior and interior with the former defined through ‘EXciting’, ‘EXpressive’ and ‘EXtraordinary’ features. The Exciting architecture will be standard across all models offering a more balanced proportion, best-in-segment location and size of wheels and an improved cabin-to-body ratio. The Expressive architecture includes the surfaces and graphics with the Humanity line, Slingshot line and Diamond window. Lastly, the Extraordinary element is inspired by Indian architecture.

The IMPACT design language will also influence the interior of new passenger vehicles and will be defined through ‘INviting’, ‘INtelligent’ and ‘INtouch’ features. The Inviting interior architecture will see a layered cockpit design, driver focussed layout as well as new textures, fabrics and materials. The Intelligent cabin layout will see clever storage spaces added to the cabin along with improved ergonomics with all displays, controls and commands within the reach of the occupant. Lastly, the Intouch element will add tech wizardry with more connectivity features to the cabin.

Tata Zica Test Drive Review
The Zica will be launched on 20th January in the country