Tata Motors announced that it will rename its upcoming hatchback Zica so as to avoid any relation with the Zika epidemic that is claimed to result in a number of birth deformities.

Tata Zica Test Drive Review
The Zica will be showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo with the same name

Many South American countries are facing an epidemic of a virus called Zika which has normal symptoms but results in a condition where babies are born with small hands and brain. This virus has created an ill-effect on the upcoming hatchback from Tata Motors called the Zica as the automaker has announced that it will rename the car to avoid any negative impact on the brand image.

Originally, the acronym Zica was derived from name Zippy Car by which Tata Motors marketed the new car, however this name will now remain for only a few weeks until the manufacturer decides a new name and fulfil all the legal formalities for the name change. The new hatchback will still be called Zica during the 2016 Auto Expo where it will be displayed for the first time.

Tata Motors will face a lot of trouble due to this unexpected situation as the dispatching of the Zica to dealers have already begun. The Mumbai-based automaker will also have to register the new brand name with the Registrar Of Companies (RoC) which will again be too time consuming.

Tata Motors started the marketing campaign for the new Zica very aggressively two months ago with the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi who is the new global brand ambassador of the Indian manufacturer. The hatchback created a buzz in the industry with the #madeofgreat campaign.

After years of dull sales, Tata Motors was expecting the new Zica to change the scenario as it got positive response for the youthful design which looked nothing like any of the Tata cars and the entire fit and finish was also appreciated while it had the maximum storage space in the segment. But, things may go against the car due to the relation with the virus which is spreading explosively.

2016 Tata Zica Review
The Zica will replace the Indica while being developed on the same XA platform