Tata Motors Secret Prototype Car

Tata Motors has been discretely working on a new prototype car which uses ingenious materials and production methods. This prototype will be launched on the global platform. The car was supposed to be unveiled in concept guise at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. But the company decided against it fearing that showcasing the concept would be untimely and also the possibility of leaking the ideas to other competitors would be unwise.

It is also speculated the company has managed to rope in legendary designer Marcello Gandini for this project. He is best known for his design of the Lamborghini Miura and Countach. Certain characteristics of this prototype car resemble the previous works of the designer bringing out the Italian influence. Tata Motors have taken the innovative approach towards the bodywork of the car by using composite materials along with certain polymers which prove to be far more economical than carbon fibre. This makes the production process much more economical than the traditional steel and aluminum usage.

The entire prototype body can be constructed using just about 25 moulds and facilitate savings in weight by a margin of 20 percent at least. The flexibility of removing and combining body parts allows for a number of body styles to be planned including the hard top version, followed by a cabriolet, mini-SUV and more. However, the mechanicals would be similar to that of the Tata Nano except that it will have a 1.0-litre supercharged engine that produces a peak power output of 90 BHP. This engine will be located at the rear of the car similar to the Nano.

Not everything seems to be working out as planned for Tata Motors. The sales of the Tata Nano have been dismal. The company has planned investments to strengthen the existing lineup. Apart from Jaguar Land Rover unit, Tata Motors has been faring poorly over the past months and the new car will be of high strategic value to the automaker for its revival. Designer Marcello Gandini has supposedly had various innovative ideas to implement and his association with Tata Motors seems to be his platform for the same. This car could be the wildcard for Tata Motors to catch up in today’s fiercely competitive market.

Tata Motors Secret Prototype Car Rear

Source – AutoX