Tata has been able to book 3000 units of the GenX Nano since a month of its launch, which has been favourably compared to average monthly sales of 1400 units that the small car managed last year. The company sold 1365 units of the Nano last month.

2015 Tata Nano GenX Review
Tata has received a good initial response for the re-positioned small car

Tata has received a very good response for the GenX Nano that was launched on 19th May 2015. Having already delivered 1000 units, the company is in process of delivering another 2000 units to customers. In the last month, Tata managed to sell 1365 units of the GenX Nano. With the production of the previous model discontinued, the Nano did not do well last year averaging just 1400 units every month. The GenX Nano is the most affordable passenger car in the Indian market, currently priced at Rs. 1.99 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) for the manual variant and Rs. 2.69 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) for the AMT variant.

What’s interesting to note is that the AMT model has received a higher demand as compared to the manual transmission (MT) variant. Priced between Rs. 2.69 lakhs to Rs. 2.89 lakhs, dealers are saying that the AMT model has a waiting period of six weeks as compared to a two week waiting period for the manual gearbox equipped car. The long waiting period for the AMT version is primarily due to a delay in the supply if AMT kits that get imported into the country. Customers are opting for the top-end AMT model because there is only a difference of Rs. 20,000/- between the top manual trim and the next available AMT model.

According to the total bookings received, 70 percent of the GenX Nanos booked are for the AMT variant due to the hassle free and convenient driving experience from automatic gear shifting. Positioned as a smart city car, the new Nano has been completely re-positioned by the Indian car maker, making it a more desirable vehicle in India. Tata is hopeful that the GenX Nano will help the company grow in the passenger vehicle segment which witnessed an overall growth of 21 percent in May 2015. Volumes of the car are expected to grow further after the addition of 200 more dealerships to the current lot of 450 dealerships this year.

There is also some exciting news revolving around the company’s plant in Sanand, Gujarat. Ever since Tata relocated its small car plant to Sanand in 2008, bank deposits here have flown past the Rs. 3000 crore mark reporting an increase of 2785% (that’s huge). According to Dena Bank, their deposits have witnessed a growth of 550 percent after 2008 from Rs. 45.74 crores to Rs. 246.85 crores at present. This is due to farmers who sold their land and made a lot of money. Post Tata Motors entering Sanand, other car makers like Ford, Maruti Suzuki and Honda have also bought into Sanand.

Alto AGS vs Nano AMT
The GenX Nano is still far away from the Alto & Eon when it comes to sales