The Tata Nano which recently hit the roads, could worsen road traffic by adding to the growth of private vehicles in the coming days, according to a Delhi High Court Judge. The Court made the remarks while delivering its verdict in the BMW hit-and-run case involving Sanjeev Nanda in which his sentence was reduced to two years from five years for mowing down six persons ten years ago. The Court also pulled up the Centre for its “apathy” towards public safety on roads and made a slew of recommendations for road safety.

“All Indian cities are already struggling with traffic flow problem due to various types of vehicles on the road, lack of need-based road and traffic design and engineering and the unchecked growth of private vehicles and with the entry of the new cheap car Nano on the road, the situation is likely to get worsen,” Justice Kailash Gambir said.

“There are no stop signs, no speed limits and as heavy vehicles go zig-zak on the roads, it is hard to ignore the disturbing reality that many commercial and private drivers are drunk and no one checks them,” the court said.

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