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Tata’s after sales is light on the pocket and reliable

Right now I am quite happy living with the Nexon. I love the audio quality that keeps me entertained in the traffic, the outright acceleration too is quite addictive and overall it is a practical and comfortable car to live with. Do I miss the sunroof of the WR-V? Umm, nope, that was just a gimmick. What I miss though is the slick gearbox and a relatively agile character of the Honda but these are not big deal breakers. Let’s see how does the Nexon behave when we take it out for some rigorous outstation shoot schedules and clock in more miles.

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How many Nexons can you spot in this picture?

What’s Cool

* Suspension setup tuned well for Indian roads
* Strong performing diesel engine with practical driving modes
* Spacious and well equipped interiors
* Superb audio quality from the Harman speakers

What’s Not So Cool

* Inconsistent quality and electricals
* Notchy gearbox and long travel clutch

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What is this Indo-French discussion happening about?

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