Tata Tiago NRG Ownership Experience
Tata Tiago NRG owner faces multiple issues with the car

Our reader Hrishikesh Kolhe who resides in Kalyan, Maharashtra is facing a lot of issues with his Tata Tiago NRG. He bought the car from Sudarshan Motors last year in November and has been facing these issues since the third day of the car’s delivery. The car has done around 10,000 km.

Here is what he had to say – “I had purchased a Tata Tiago NRG in November last year and have been experiencing a lot of issues in the vehicle since the 3rd day of delivery with major problems including compressor failure and gearbox issues. The problems still persist in my car after giving it for rectification multiple time to both the dealer and Tata Motors. It has come to the point where I have to file a complaint in the consumer forum.”

“Tata is pursuing me to get it resolved at their workshops, but I believe they are not able to identify the problem because the compressor of my car has been changed 4 times along with a lot of peripherals of the AC system. Nevertheless the problem has not be resolved and still persist. Also, I’ve been getting a really bad mileage of 9 km/l.”

He shares a list of problems faced with the car –

  • Service light on 3rd day from delivery
  • There was no washer fluid in the car
  • Front washer was blocked and was not spraying
  • Infotainment gets stuck during navigation
  • Fuel cap was not opening properly
  • Major issue was with the AC compressor, loud noise started coming when AC was operational and would stop when turned off. Service guy confirmed that lubricant in the compressor system was lower than adequate. Compressor needs to be replaced
  • There was resin on the paint in multiple places on the car
  • Audible noise during gear shifts, mostly 2nd and 3rd gear
  • Loud humming noise followed by vibrations throughout the floor of the car
  • Increased engine vibration at idle
  • Accessories ordered are still not delivered to me since 15 days and no one has communicated the same to me even upon making multiple inquiries about it
  • The car was passed as PDI OK which is quite surprising given the number of problems I have faced and also agreed upon

“In addition to the existing problem, while driving today the driver seat backrest clicked and seems to be broken from the inside (not the recline function). Each passing day new problems are arising and reducing trust in the vehicle and the brand in itself.”

We hope Tata Motors resolve the issue at the earliest.

Tata Tiago NRG Issues
The service centre is not able to resolve the issues