Citroen C3 Turbo Customer Experience

Citroen C3 Turbo owner faces some issues after getting it serviced

Our subscriber Prithiv Dhanraj, an owner of a Citroen C3 Turbo, has expressed his frustration with service issues he has experienced with his car. After the first service of the vehicle from EVM Citroen Calicut, the car started experiencing side pull due to an alignment problem and the steering being cut off at a pinch point while driving at high speeds, causing the vehicle to fish tail.

Despite bringing the issue to the attention of the service team, they were unable to find any problem with the car and it was returned with assurances that everything was proper. It is worth noting that the car was given for service to rectify a rear door rattling sound and the above mechanical issues happened after the delivery.

The issue persisted even after the second service at PPS Citroen in Bangalore, where the car was returned after four days. Soon after the delivery, the issue reappeared after covering only 140 km. Prithiv informed the carmaker directly and they sent a technician to take back the car from his home.

The technician confirmed that the car had an issue and the car was taken back to Bangalore for service again. The team from the plant inspected the vehicle, serviced it and returned the car. However, the steering issue persisted during a long drive to Mangalore.

The car was taken to the Mangalore service centre to check the brakes, left door speaker sounds and the steering issue. After the delivery, the owner experienced a total loss of the initial pull of the vehicle. He has raised concerns with the company, questioning why these issues came up after the first service.

Prithiv is now in a stage where he is considering moving forward legally due to the personal expenses and mental stress he has endured. The car has been driven over 3000 km only for service and the owner’s experience highlights the importance of proper service and after sales of vehicles.

Citroen should address his concerns and ensure that their service centres provide proper solutions to issues experienced by their customers. Car owners should also ensure that their vehicles are regularly serviced and any issues are reported and resolved promptly.

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