Tata Tower Mumbai - Click above for high resolution picture gallery

Mumbai city has a very high population density (almost seven times greater than Los Angeles), due to which major overcrowding problems are getting worse by the day. In 2030, it is estimated that the increased adoption of vehicles will be so much that 25% of land will be covered with cars. Currently the number of people per square mile is 59,000, making land critically scarce. Tata Motors plans to solve this problem to a certain extent with the Tata Tower, a residential community, vertical parking garage and energy generator all in one.


By vertical thinking, the designers Seth Ellsworth and Jayoung Kim were able to create a structure that could house 930 Tata’s employees and their families and provide parking spaces for 4,050 electric vehicles saving a lot of land in the bargain. With the incorporation of louvers that collect solar energy, wind turbines, and an algae farm into the tower, there will be enough energy generated to run the apartments and charge the parked electric vehicles.

Source – Autoblog Green