Tesla is developing a new sedan called Tesla Model 3. It will be priced at par with current C-Segment sedans. Indian market has good potential according to Tesla officials.

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Tesla has ruled out importing vehicles as CBUs thanks to high duties in India

Tesla Motors is a known electric vehicle manufacturer. The company sells the Tesla S and Tesla Roadster in the United States. The Tesla S is a premium luxury sedan that competes with the likes of the Audi A8L, BMW 7-Series and Mercedes S-Class. The Roadster is an electric car made with a purpose to provide a fun and sporty driving experience. Now, it has been learnt that Tesla Motors is keen to enter the Indian market. The company is in the process of developing a new sedan which has been codenamed Tesla Model 3 and it will be priced between Rs. 35-40 lakhs in our country.

According to officials from Tesla, the Indian automotive market has huge potential even in the electric vehicle segment. Good pricing and a proper positioning in the market is just what is needed here to make even an electric vehicle successful. In the US, the government offers a straight subsidy of $7500 on every electric vehicle which makes buyers attracted to such vehicles. The Indian government on the other hand doesn’t really offer much of an incentive to buyers or manufacturers of such vehicles.

Tesla has stated that it is not feasible for them to import cars directly to India from their overseas plants thanks to the atrocious duty structure in India. They are considering setting up a plant here which would also help them sell vehicles at sane rates. Tesla has currently sold more than 5000 and 2000 cars in China and Japan respectively. On a side note, the Indian ministry is coming up with the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan where it is aiming to sell 6-7 million EVs by 2020.

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In talks with government of India to chalk out a good incentive plan for EVs