Ford Figo Facelift Test Drive Review

Ford has announced a ‘Ford Midnight Sale’ to be held on 5th December 2012 at all the 160 Ford showrooms across the 119 cities in the country. Ford claim it is the best day to buy a Ford car when the showrooms will be open the whole day from 8 AM to midnight. Plus there are gifts to be won of up to Rs. 3.5 crore plus amazing offers and deals on the car, insurance and interest rates. Also the whole month of December will be a ‘December Dhamal’ campaign where customers will get many offers and schemes on all the Ford cars.

Ford say the 5th of December is the best day to buy a Ford car as the showrooms will be open from 8 AM to midnight, customers will be able to easily check out all the cars at leisure along with their family so the car can be selected according to everyone’s requirements. Also any customers who will book a car on the 5th will get an assured gift from Ford which can be a LED TV, washing machine, microwave, etc. The showroom too will be decorated in a festive manner to make the customers feel more welcome and special.

In addition to this, the whole month of December from 5th to 31st will be a ‘December Dhamal’ campaign where customers will get amazing deals and special schemes on insurance and special interest rates along with discounts on the cars. Also Ford has made apps on social networking sites for customers where they can send an invitation to friends to let them know about this offer. So an acquaintance who could be planning to buy a car can be alerted about this day.

Ford is trying hard to attract customers to their showrooms with innovative schemes and ideas. These offers are sure to give a very good deal on any Ford car making it a very attractive proposition. The ‘Midnight Sale’ is being held for the third year consecutively which has got a very good response from customers and has accounted for many sales on the day.