Suzuki is currently busy developing the next generation Hayabusa, a bike which has been close to most biker’s heart. It has been rendered recently by a Japanese magazine.

Next Generation Suzuki Hayabusa Rendering
Radical front end design looks much more modern

Ask an Indian about superbikes and chances are that even if he doesn’t know anything about them, he would know the name “Hayabusa”. Such is the popularity of the bike here. This is majorly due to it featuring in the decade old movie Dhoom in which the villain rides the bike. Ever since then the Falcon has been regarded to as the Dhoom bike. All the popularity led to Suzuki officially launching the superbike in India in 2008, post which the sales response for the same has been good.

The first generation model was launched in the year 1999 and created a stir in the motoring world at that time. It was the fastest production motorcycle in the world with a top speed in excess of 300 km/hr. Such speeds are difficult to touch in a car too but the Japanese bikemaker managed to do this on a bike. The major intention behind developing the bike was to beat the Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird and gain the world’s fastest production motorcycle tag anyhow. And it did manage to beat it by around 16 km/hr.

Currently, the second generation model of the Hayabusa is on sale in various parts of the world and this was introduced in 2008. It received some mechanical as well as visual changes to improvise over the previous generation one and it got more power too which made it a tad bit faster. Since the past few years, Suzuki has been giving new paint schemes to the hyperbike to keep it looking fresh. But, after 16 years since the original launch, it has started working on a brand new Hayabusa, no details of which are out yet.

The third generation Suzuki Hayabusa which is under development currently has been rendered by a Japanese magazine which shows its front end styling. It also suggests that the new bike will get a new 1500cc engine with more power being a given fact. The rendering makes the motorcycle look heavily inspired from the Concept GSX which was unveiled not too long ago. There is news that Suzuki will get something new and exciting at the Tokyo Motor Show but it remains to be seen what will it actually be.

Suzuki Hayabusa Z Edition India
The current Hayabusa is India’s most known superbike #DhoomMachine