Ironically enough, manufacturers featuring in our top 10 sale charts also have products that lay on the other end of the scale. The top 10 list of least selling two-wheelers is also dominated by Honda, our sale leader with its Activa.

Top 10 Least Selling Two Wheelers 2016 May
We have only considered accessible locally produced options for the rankings

While the Indian two-wheeler market is one of the largest growing in India, there are still products by both successful and new manufacturers which have been unable to register good sale figures in the segment. Ironically enough, the top two bikes on the list are by Honda, who top the most selling bike list with its Activa. The CBR150R has registered just 13 unit sales, while its elder sibling the CBR250R has sold 34 units. The low numbers could simply be due to the age of the bikes as it has been quite a while since the bikes have received REAL updates.

On the 3rd position we have the Royal Enfield Continental GT, which registered a sale figure of 97 units, which may be due to the high price and lack of performance of the cafe racer bike. Following RE is the Suzuki Slingshot which in spite of being a run-of-the-mill commuter, sells just one more unit than the GT. On number 5 we have the Hero Karizma which has sold just 118 units in May. This could be attributed to its facelift styling which has been a miss more than a hit.

Coming in 6th we have the Rodeo. Mahindra have not exactly been able to make an impact in the commuter-end of the market, and have thus shifted their focus to the premium segment with the Mojo, as volume takes lesser priority there. Then we have the Suzuki Swish at the 7th spot which seems to have fallen victim to the Suzuki Access which has already seen quite a lot of success in the segment. On number 8 we have the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 which again seems to suffer due to tough competition.

The TVS Phoenix comes in 9th with 417 unit sales, and the last spot is take by the Hero Ignitor which crossed the four-digit mark, and sold 1031 units in the month of May.

Top 10 Least Selling Two-Wheelers In May 2016

– Honda tops the list with its CBR twins, the CBR150R and CBR250R
– Mahindra, due to its poor performance in the mass segment, has shifted focus to premium end with its Mojo
– We have only considered locally produced and accessible priced products as the premium imported market usually see low sales

2016 Mahindra Mojo Long Term Reliability
Mahindra has shifted focus to the premium segment with its Mojo, due to poor sales lower down