Why is changing engine oil at regular intervals so important?

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Engine components need lubrication as they grind against each other

The engine is a crucial part of an automobile and often the one that is neglected the most. While exterior blemishes such as dents and scratches receive immediate attention, people often tend to neglect the condition of the engine. In every engine, there are certain metal components which grind against each other during operation. Engine oil reduces friction between these metal surfaces by lubricating them, in turn helping the engine to run smoother. Available in a variety of grades and three major types, engine oils consist of a base oil and some additives. Every automaker recommends a regular interval (in kms or time period) at which the engine oil should be replaced. Ideally, a 10,000 km or 1-year drain interval should be followed.

Below are 10 points which stress on the importance of changing engine oil –

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Engine oils are available in 3 main types – Mineral, Semi-synthetic and Synthetic

10) Lubrication – Engine oils form a fine layer of lubrication over engine components. Lubrication protects engine parts from damage caused due to friction between components.

9) Cooling – A fresh engine oil helps to dissipate engine heat more effectively. Over time, engine oils tend to lose their lubrication properties which leads to excessive engine heating.