The list for the top 20 least selling bikes in June 2016 sees the Hero Karizma on top. Again, we have considered locally produced vehicles, and excluded luxury performance models as they are not concerned with volumes.

Top 20 Least Selling Bikes June 2016
The CBRs are long due an update, Honda are you listening?

Every market has two sides. While the two-wheeler market in India has shown promising growth, there are products which have been unable to take advantage of this boom. We thus bring you the top 20 least selling bikes in June 2016.

Starting off, we have the Hero Karizma, which has managed to sell merely 7 units in the month of June. To put that into perspective, Suzuki has sold more Hayabusas than Hero has managed to sell the Karizma. Hero desperately needs to update its portfolio as mere concepts are not going to help them shift units. The 2nd and 3rd places are occupied by Suzuki’s Slingshot, and the Royal Enfield Continental GT. Coming in fourth is the CBR250R which suffers from the same update crisis that hit the CBR150R. What’s more fascinating is that Honda have updated versions already on sale worldwide, but refuse to introduce them in our market. Buckle up for a new sticker job though.

On fifth position we have the Mahindra Rodeo, which is followed by the earlier mentioned CBR150R. Next up we have the RE Thunderbird 500. While the bike is a very capable highway cruiser, it suffers from RE’s relatively lower volume focus. The TVS Phoenix comes in next, and is followed by the Suzuki Swish scooter. The Swish simply has been overshadowed by its elder brother, the Access. Next up we have the KTM Duke 390. While the Orange monster is doing well in its own class, it falls behind in the bigger picture.

Coming in the bottom half of the list, we have the Bullet 500, which again suffers due to the niche nature of the bike, and most people choosing the 350 over the 500 due to the better economy figures. Then we have a slew of commuters like the Suzuki Hayate, the Hero HF Dawn, and the Hero Ignitor which failed to protect their necks in the cut throat competition in the commuter segment. The Himalayan comes in at number 15 and could be considered a niche product, but has been included in the list due to its sheer versatility. Its 1357 unit figure is actually quite decent for a recently launched somewhat controversial (among RE purists) Royal Enfield.

The Hero Hunk once again is an aged product which is due for an update, and is followed by the Suzuki Let’s. The Let’s has entered into competition with the segment leader, the Activa (the Activa-i variant), and was unable to produce any unique characteristics that the consumers could rally behind. Then we have the Mahindra Centuro, followed by the TVS Scooty Zest. Mahindra has since announced their immediate aim to build their brand image by concentrating on a more premium market. Lastly we have the Royal Enfield Classic 500 which once again has consumers going for the smaller 350cc option.

Top 20 Least Selling Bikes In June 2016

– Hero’s Karizma is the least sold bike in June 2016
– While the CBRs fare better this month, they desperately need an update to stay relevant in our market
– Locally manufactured and fairly accessible products were taken into consideration for the list

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