Moto Transformers is a Mumbai based bike modification shop that tricks your ride into insane masterpieces of bike art that will make you stand out of the crowd.

Moto Transformers Bajaj Pulsar
The modified Pulsar 200 was the maiden project for Moto Transformers

It is never too late to follow your passion. Period. If you have the desire and the will to pursue what you love, there is nothing to stop you from reaching excellence. While these words may seem tried and tested lines from a motivational speech, they do stand true for a lot of people who just managed to do so and materialize their passion. Zubair Sharif is one such individual who not only lives his passion but has now made it into a full time profession with ‘Moto Transformers’ (formerly known as Zars Customs) that designs and customises motorcycles and scooters. Here is his story –

With a Automobile engineering diploma and ten years of experience in 4-wheeler industry in India and overseas, Zubair decided it was time to start with his childhood passion of designing two-wheelers and started remodelling his 2007 Pulsar 200 on his phone. With the scope to offer extensive design changes and decent power output, the Pulsar 200 seemed to be the obvious choice for Zubair as he commenced work on his maiden project. Since then, Zubair’s skills have brought him closer to more customers and his interesting designs have pleased many.

The completely remodelled Bajaj Pulsar 200 continues to retain the chassis and engine, while the changes include a complete quirky redesign including new headlights, a custom white and blue paint job with red accents and a step up style seat for the brawny appeal. The front forks have also been upgraded and come from WP. The highlight of the remodelled Pulsar is the engine that has been given a special cover to enhance its appearance and gives a bigger bike feel overall.

After experimenting his skills with his own Pulsar, Zubair now takes orders professionally to customise your offerings and has worked on several interesting projects including the Suzuki SlingShot that has been given a custom made multi-link mono rear suspension while other additions include new 90/18 front and 120/18 rear tyres. The weight he says is up by 5 kgs only on the 125cc bike. In addition, Zubair’s Moto Transformers has ‘transformed’ several bikes including the Yamaha Enticer, Fazer, FZ as well as the humble Honda Activa among others.

Certainly Zubair has a long future ahead and we expect to see more of his works of art on the streets of Mumbai soon. If you too want to get your bike transformed to your taste, you can give him a call on +91-97697-40974. The boys are also looking for franchising custom works at different locations. We wish the entire team of Moto Transformers all the best for their future endeavours. Check out some of their work in the images below.

Bajaj Pulsar 200 Remod
The bigger engine cover lends a big bike feel to the 200cc Bajaj Pulsar
Honda Activa Moto Transformers
Stripped down of its body, this Honda Activa will be a hoot to ride
Moto Transformers Modifications
Moto Transformers have also showcased their collection at various events
Yamaha Fazer Modified Moto Transformers
A tastefully done Yamaha Fazer in a Kawasaki-like lime green and black colour scheme