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With nitrogen in tyres, one has peace of mind as pressures need to be checked only once in a month

1) Better Tyre Life – Many people tend to ride on low tyre pressures till the tyre is visibly under inflated. This takes a toll on tyre life as the outer part of the tread wears out faster. Here, nitrogen has an edge over normal air as tyres with nitrogen maintain their pressures for a longer time.

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Since riders are exposed to rain, heat and road conditions, having correct tyre pressures is important for them

For bike riders, having proper tyre pressures becomes crucial. Unlike cars, bikes attain their balance on two wheels and if there is a pressure variation, the change in handling is instantly noticeable to the rider. A 2-wheeler tends to lose its grip on over-inflated tyres and gets unsettled during cornering if the pressures are low. The consequences of this change can result in a crash and turn out to be deadly. This is where nitrogen comes to help. With its slower rate of passing through tyre surface, it has reasonably long intervals before needing a top-up. There is lesser pressure variation and handling remains stable even with change in temperature.

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