What are the advantages of filling nitrogen instead of normal air in bike tyres?

Having properly inflated tyres is more important in motorcycles as compared to cars

Majority of road users fill normal air in the tyres of their vehicles. Only a few fill nitrogen and are aware of the benefits associated with it. Normal air contains 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen with the remaining 1% consisting of water vapour and other gases. Nitrogen, in pure form, has several benefits associated with it. While nitrogen-filled tyres provide immense help in tweaking the characteristics of race cars, general road users can also benefit from the gas in form of less frequent visits to tyre filling stations. Below points highlight the importance of using nitrogen, especially in bike tyres –

Faired KTM Duke 390
Nitrogen-filled tyres are used in racing as they heat up lesser with increase in temperature

4) Reduced Pressure Loss – Over time, normal air migrates through tyre walls which results in reduction of air pressures. Nitrogen tends to remain in the tyre for longer durations.