What is the importance of changing brake pads and when do they require a change?

Braking is a very important aspect of driving and unlike most other variables like power and dynamics, good brakes are absolute life-savers. While most modern cars and motorcycles are equipped with disc brakes at the front end, some even have them deployed at the rear. A disc brake system makes use of brake pads to press against the rotors when the brakes are applied. It is the brake pad which provides friction by rubbing against the brake rotor to slow down a vehicle. Let us talk about the symptoms which indicate that the brake pads need replacement –

2014 Harley Street 750 Brakes
A perfect braking system has become a necessity in today’s traffic scenario

5) Visual Inspection – In most instances, a close look at the brake pad from outside is enough to judge if the brake pads have enough thickness. Ideally, a brake pad with 2 mm thickness is considered at the end of its life.

4) Noise From Brakes – Worn out brake pads can cause grinding noises while applying brakes. This happens when the worn out surface of the pads grinds with the metal surface of the rotors.