We give you some tips to maintain your car when it is going to remain parked for long.

With this lockdown in place, most cars will remain parked for a long duration

Maintain Your Car In This Lockdown

The current 21-day lockdown that is ongoing across the country due to the novel Corona virus means that we can’t use our vehicles (unless stepping out for essentials) at all. However, that doesn’t mean that we neglect our cars; in fact we should take proper care for our cars and undertake some small steps to keep them in top shape. Here are some tips in case you’re wondering how to give your car some TLC in this lockdown.

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If your car is parked under trees, do clean/remove leaves and twigs from your car’s body

Parking – It is recommended that you keep your car in a covered parking as much as possible but knowing the space constraints everywhere, this might not be possible for everyone. If your car is parked in the open, use a car cover to protect it from bird droppings, leaves, etc. If you don’t have a car cover and your car is parked in the open, try and give it a simple wet wipe every couple of days because dust particles and droppings that get stuck on the car for a long duration can contaminate the paint. If you have a proper closed parking in your building, you can even use this time to give your car a nice wax but doing this in the open or on the streets isn’t recommended. Use separate microfibre cloths for the body, wheels, and interior.