2020 Land Rover Discovery Sport Engine
Keep your engine bay clean and warm up the car once a week

Mechanicals – Usually there are no issues even if you park your car for a month (when you go on holidays, etc.) but now since you’re not away from your car, do go and start it once a week. You should idle your car for about 15-20 mins so that the engine reaches its optimal temperature. Switch on the AC and the audio system too and also do a quick up-down on all the power windows. If your car is parked in a location which is notorious for rats or other rodents, just tap your bonnet a couple of times before getting into the car. This will even allow kittens to get off before your turn the ignition on. If you have enough space in your building or colony then take a small round in your car but if you don’t have space then just move it forward and backward to avoid flat spots on the tyres.