DIY Car Maintenance Checks Battery
If you aren’t going to start your car for long, disconnect the negative terminal

Battery – Your car’s battery consumes power from various sources like the dashcam, security system, etc. even when the car is switched off. While most batteries won’t have any problems even if the car isn’t started for a week, you should ideally do it once a week. If your car is running on an old battery, the charge might get depleted sooner than expected hence it is advisable to keep an eye on that. If you won’t be able to start your car for long, just disconnect the negative terminal of the battery to prevent it from losing charge.

Maruti Celerio Long Term Fuel Efficiency
Ensure the car is properly fuelled up and tyres have optimal pressure

These are some tips which you should follow in this lockdown to ensure that your beloved car continues to remain in top shape. An emergency situation can strike anyone, not just in this pandemic, but also any time of the year otherwise. You should always ensure that there’s enough fuel in the car and never let it go below the 1/4th mark. This is not only useful during emergencies but also good for your fuel pump’s health. While parking your car, you should park it in such a way that if some emergency situation arises, the car can be removed quickly. If you have a perpendicular parking, always keep the front outwards. If your car is running on an old battery, it is best to get it replaced as a precaution instead of waiting for it to completely die. The last thing you want during an emergency is a dead battery. Most batteries usually last anywhere between 3.5-4.5 years.

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Once this lockdown is over and the nation resumes normalcy, head out for a nice drive