With the price gap between petrol and diesel decreasing now, more and more people are considering petrol cars over their diesel counterparts. We take a look at the top 5 petrol fuel efficient cars in India.

Tata Nano Twist Performance Review
The Tata Nano returns 25.4 km/l of fuel efficiency

1) Tata Nano – The smallest and cheapest hatchback available on sale in India is also the most fuel efficient petrol car. It is a pity that the Nano doesn’t sell in decent numbers. The Nano is powered by a 624cc engine producing 37 HP of power and 51 Nm of torque. This tiny vehicle’s fuel economy is rated at 25.4 km/l.

Maruti Alto K10 Orange
The Maruti Alto K10 has a nice fuel efficiency of 24.07 km/l

2) Maruti Alto K10 – The Alto K10 is a more powerful version of the Alto 800. It boasts of good fuel economy thanks to its light weight and efficient engine. The Alto K10 is powered by a 1.0-litre K-Series petrol engine giving out 67 HP of power and 90 Nm of torque. Maruti now offers the Alto K10 with an AMT gearbox too. The top-selling hatchback churns out 24.07 km/l of mileage.

2014 Maruti Celerio Test Drive Review
The Celerio has a claimed fuel efficiency of 23.1 km/l

3) Maruti Celerio – The Maruti Celerio shares its engine with the Alto K10 but it is slightly heavier than the latter and hence it gives out marginally lower efficiency. The Celerio sells in good numbers every month and the AMT variants are a hit with the buyers. ARAI states that the Celerio goes 23.1 kms on a litre of petrol.

2012 Maruti Alto 800 Video Review
The Alto 800’s fuel efficiency is rated at 22.74 km/l

4) Maruti Alto 800 – Phew, another Maruti. This company knows how to make highly fuel efficient cars. The Alto 800 is the highest selling car in India and it is powered by a 796cc engine churning out 48 HP of power and 69 Nm of torque. The Alto also comes with a company-fitted CNG kit which takes fuel economy to another level. A figure of 22.74 km/l is achieved by the Alto 800.

Hyundai Eon 1.0 Test Drive Review
The Hyundai Eon is economic to run with a fuel mileage of 21.1 km/l

5) Hyundai Eon – The Hyundai Eon is the Alto’s closest competitor and the 814cc engine scores high on fuel efficiency. The Eon is better than the Alto yet doesn’t sell as good as its rival. The Hyundai Eon produces 55 HP of power and 75 Nm of torque while returning an ARAI-tested mileage figure of 21.1 km/l. It’s also available with a more powerful 1.0-litre petrol engine.