Epic EV Torq Roadster Wallpaper

US based electric vehicles manufacturer, Epic EV has unveiled the new Torq Roadster, which is a performance oriented fully electric vehicle with zero tailpipe emissions. It is a 3-wheeled roadster and features carbon fibre body panels with a custom chassis and suspension system built by Palatov Motorsports. According to the manufacturer, the Torq Roadster has a perfect balance of power, handling and aggressive styling.

Coming to the tech specs of the crazy electric vehicle, it features an electric motor capable of producing a maximum power of 400 HP with a peak torque figure of 812 Nm, which is quite impressive for an electric vehicle. The whopping power and torque is transmitted to the rear wheel. The Torq Roadster is capable of doing 0-96 km/hr sprint in just under 4 seconds. The roadster can be setup for various types of driving modes with its custom chassis and suspension system.

With a very wide track width, the track edition of the Torq Roadster is able to pull 1.3G in corners. Epic EV will be making just 50 examples of the Torq Roadster this year and the manufacturer is also planning to ramp up the production for 2014. The Torq Roadster will come with a starting price of $65,000 (Rs. 35.29 lakhs) in the US and €50,000 (Rs. 35 lakhs) in Europe with deliveries starting from next month.

Epic EV Torq Roadster

Epic EV Torq Roadster Front