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Toyota says diesel engines viable for the foreseeable future

In a recent interview, Toyota Australia’s sales and marketing head, Sean Hanley, emphasised the longevity of diesel engines in the automotive landscape, contrary to speculations about their imminent demise. Hanley pointed out that while the automotive industry is increasingly focusing on electrification and lower emissions, diesel engines are expected to remain relevant for decades to come.

Hanley acknowledged the need for adaptation in the face of evolving environmental priorities, suggesting that diesel powertrains could incorporate hybrid technology to reduce their carbon footprint. He highlighted the potential of diesel-electric hybrids, citing examples from other markets such as the Audi Q7 plug-in hybrid diesel.

Toyota has already taken steps to enhance the efficiency of its diesel models, introducing a 48-volt-assisted turbo-diesel powertrain in its popular HiLux model. This technology, known as ‘V-Active Technology,’ promises improved fuel economy without compromising performance.

Looking ahead, Hanley emphasised the importance of continued innovation in diesel engine technology. He mentioned the possibility of alternative fuels, including synthetic diesel, as potential avenues for sustainability.

While acknowledging the need for careful consideration of diesel’s role in the future, Hanley reassured consumers that diesel fuel will remain readily available for the foreseeable future. He emphasised the importance of examining all fuel sources and exploring various options to meet evolving regulatory and environmental standards.

There are recent developments in the diesel fuel arena, such as Skoda Ireland’s introduction of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), a direct diesel fuel replacement that claims to significantly reduce emissions.

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