The Innova is known for its bullet-proof diesel engines

The discontinuation of Toyota Innova Crysta won’t happen with the launch of the next-gen Innova

Toyota Innova Crysta owners and fans can now heave a sigh of relief as the discontinuation of the popular MPV won’t happen with the launch of the next-gen model this Diwali. Instead, reports say, the existing Innova will be positioned alongside the upcoming model.

Toyota is set to launch the fourth generation Innova this Diwali. Codenamed 560B, it’s expected to be named Innova Hycross as Toyota has trademarked the name a couple of months back.

The upcoming Innova is said to be a revolutionary product as many of its aspects would be a first for the Innova platform.

For starters, the car will shed its heavy and reliable ladder frame for a more modern monocoque chassis that’s based on the brand’s new TNGA-C architecture (internationally called the Global Architecture C).

The upcoming MPV will get a petrol hybrid powerplant for the first time against the usual reliable diesel engines. It will get acres of space inside owing to the new platform.

The huge space will be complemented by modern technologies like connected tech, ventilated seats, wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, reclining captain seats, etc. Some features from the Vellfire could also make their way.

Earlier, rumours emerged that Toyota might axe the existing Innova Crysta when the new model goes on sale as that was the Japanese maker’s strategy all these years.

When the radical first generation Innova was introduced, the Qualis was axed. Same way, when the Innova Cryta was launched, the type 4 model was abruptly discontinued.

The Innova Crysta recently gained its lost ground in sales

But, the good news now is that Innova Crysta would be sold alongside the new model. Toyota doesn’t want to lose the existing successful platform that also powers the brand’s premium Fortuner SUV.

In fact, the Innova Crysta even shares with chassis with that of the recently launched Hilux pickup truck.

The huge success of the Innova right from the start was owing to its ladder frame as it offered amazing ride quality in Indian conditions with bullet-proof diesel engines aiding years of long hauls.

In the past, such abrupt discontinuations have also costed Toyota a good sum as its newer model usually moves higher up the price ladder leaving space for new entrants below.

That’s how Chevrolet Tavera and Maruti Suzuki Ertiga became a sales success as they took Innova’s position when it moved up.

Finally, though the Innova Cryta would be sold along the newer model, it would no longer be marketed aggressively by Toyota but rather be pushed towards the commercial fleet operators.