Toyota Flatbed Delivery

Toyota flatbed service will eliminate driving from stockyard to delivery point

Toyota has started a new flatbed delivery service initiative called “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution”. With this initiative the authorised Toyota dealerships will eliminating possible drive down of new cars by the dealer staff to the delivery location. The new cars will be delivered straight from the stockyard to the showroom on a flatbed truck.

With this industry-first initiative, dealers will ensure new vehicles to reach the final delivery outlets of the dealerships without driving the new vehicles on road, even in rural and semi-urban locations where last mile logistics pose challenges.

This will be launched in phases and the first phase covers 26 states with 130 dealerships. It mitigates the risks associated with transportation of new vehicles and elevating the overall safety and reliability of the vehicle transportation process. Furthermore, transit insurance is provided through insurance companies. No additional cost to be borne by the customer.

We have witnessed reckless driving of brand new cars many times from the stockyard to the dealership. I have personally experienced it while taking delivery of my car when the dealer staff was accelerating and braking hard for no reason. Even the bluetooth device list in the audio system had a couple of paired phones. This new initiative hopefully rectifies all these issues. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section.