Toyota India, is not having the best of times in India due to an overall low sales figures. But then, not all is dull and gloomy for Toyota as on the brighter side, Toyota produces more segment leaders than others.

Toyota Innova Crysta Video Review
The Innova has been number one in its segment since ages

Toyota India has seven vehicles, but, it primarily dominates the executive sedan segment, the UV2 segment (priced below Rs. 15 lakhs) and the UV4 segment (priced below Rs. 25 lakhs). The Corolla, Innova Crysta and the Fortuner dominate these respective segments. In comparison to this, Hyundai has one segment leader, while Tata and Mahindra have none.

It is saddening to see that Toyota has not been able to break into the mass car market in India due to which the company has focused more on the premium segments. The current market size of the executive segment is pegged at around 1200 units per month while those of the UV2 and UV4 are estimated at around 20,000 and 15,000 units respectively.

A key representative from Toyota India stated that though they are present in segments above Rs. 10 lakhs space, their presence in the B hatch and B sedan segments has been there through the Etios series since 2010 and that their Etios series is being lauded over for its performance driven by their Q.D.R philosophy and that they will keep on serving their customers in the said segments.

In terms of sales , Toyota occupies the fifth spot in the list of top ten carmakers in India. Maruti ties in with Toyota for having equal number of segment leaders. Maruti dominates in the mini, compact and van segments of the passenger vehicle category with the Alto, DZire and Omni respectively. It is interesting to note that the competition has almost a dozen vehicles and still can’t hold a candle to Toyota as of now which only has seven vehicles.

Inspite of the ongoing ban on diesel vehicles of 2000cc or more, Toyota has managed to stay on top in UV2 and UV4 segment in Q1 of FY 2017 as they sold 19,699 units of Innova, 1999 units of Fortuner and 1577 units of Corolla. We do hope that Toyota forays into the small passenger car market as it is a critical market in India for any car manufacturer and the entry of Toyota can spruce up things further in the extremely competitive segment.

Toyota’s Segment Leaders

– Toyota equals Maruti in number of vehicles leading specific segments as both have 3 vehicles each
– Toyota has lesser overall products compared to companies like Hyundai, Tata and Mahindra
– Toyota excels in the Executive Sedan segment, the UV2 segment and the UV4 segment
– Toyota yet to foray into the extremely competitive small car segment

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