Toyota will be setting up quality driving training schools in the country featuring the country’s first high definition driving simulator with real life conditions to make aspirants among the safest drivers in India.

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People of India are slowly but surely considering safety as a very important topic nowadays. However, with the number of cars entering our roads, road safety remains to be a matter of least concern. Many people lose their lives due to rash, improper and unsafe means of driving and according to statistical data, there is one fatal accident in India every 4 minutes which means that 1.4 lakh such accidents take place every year. Comparing this with a country like Japan which sells more than twice the number of cars each year, only 4500 people lose their lives in the country as a result of road accidents.

According to Toyota, the large number of fatal accidents taking place on Indian roads is mainly due to poorly trained drivers. The company is strongly committed to safety issues and has always been one of the better companies to retail safer cars in India. Toyota is now looking forward to creating a drive safe culture in our country through launching quality driving training centres, as opposed to the limited number of driving schools present in the country which mostly help in getting people licences. The Japanese automotive manufacturer recently launched  Toyota Driving School (TDS) in Kochi with a sole purpose to make driving aspirants safety ambassadors and responsible drivers as well.

Toyota has a highly acclaimed “Chubu Nippon Toyota Driving School” in Japan which is known for its unique model in driver training and research. In the program participants learn about basic fundamentals involved in vehicle operations, vehicle behaviour with the help of practical experience and also learn the right way to use safety equipment. The same curriculum which boasts of a comprehensive training program that offers students high quality, practical and futuristic training models like the driver simulator mechanism, is likely to be adopted in India as well.

It is the first car simulator in India which features full high definition computer graphics in an immersive curved projection environment and is also the first simulator in India with a real car cabin and vehicle features. In addition, it also offers extensive local language support for effective training and extensive sessions for both novice and advance drivers.

The simulator helps learners in a way that they can practice steering, accelerating, braking and shifting gears before they actually start driving on the road. An additional advantage offered by the simulator is generating real life environmental conditions like fog, dim light, uphill and downhill terrain. Toyota Driving School offers flexible learning methodologies where learners can take a course of their choice. The mechanisms involved in the training enables participants learn the fundamental of “Drive Right, Drive Safe”, followed by safe driving skills.

The company is planning to setup 50 such driving schools in the country by 2020 and wishes to make all aspirants complete, confident and responsible drivers after they complete the course. Toyota wishes to share their global best practices to promote traffic discipline, traffic safety and road safety through these driving schools in India.

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