2020 Toyota Vellfire Review
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Toyota Vellfire Review

Car Tested: 2020 Toyota Vellfire; Road Test No. 1171; Test Location: Bangalore

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 85 lakhs (est.)

At the price of 3 Innova’s, the Toyota Vellfire is one the most premium, spacious and luxurious MPV

Recently, MPVs seem to be making a comeback in India and why wouldn’t they, they are practical, spacious and they take the ‘saparivaar=sukhiparivar’ idea to another level. However, the MPV we are talking about today is not just space and all, it’s the big daddy of MPVs and it does that with so much flair.

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The side profile looks very sleek and balanced

Exteriors – Yes, we are talking about this mammoth of a vehicle the Toyota Vellfire. In terms of styling, the Toyota Vellfire does look very bold and no-nonsense with its striking elements. The vehicle gets split headlamps with LED DRLs, triangular fog lamp housings and a lot of bling and chrome. The company calls the face as the Vellfire’s ‘armour’ and it does look that part.

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The chrome garnishes give the Vellfire an upmarket look

At just under 5-meters in length, the Vellfire looks absolutely massive thanks to its boxy design and bold styling

Looking at it from the side and the rear, yes it does look boxy and the 17-inch tyres somehow manage to look tiny on this, but, the overall design is balanced out with large windows, blackened pillars and the straight as an arrow roof promises that even the third-row passengers won’t be about the headroom.