Performance – Powering the Toyota Vellfire is a 115 HP, 2.5-litre hybrid petrol engine and a pair of electric motors, one for each axle (combined power is rated at 197 HP). The front motor works in conjunction with the engine to drive the front wheels via an e-CVT. The rear motor, on the other hand, solely powers the rear wheels when needed (at full throttle, for instance, or when slip is detected) to form an electric four-wheel-drive system.

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Power delivery is linear with a strong surge in the mid-range

Along with the petrol engine, the Vellfire also gets an electric motor for each axle, making it an electric 4WD system

It has more of a refined character and feels smooth from the get-go. Yes, it is going to be more of a chauffeur-driven vehicle, but at times when the owner feels like being behind the wheels, the mid-range is going to bring a smile on their face. The automatic transmission takes a while to get used to due to its complex slotting!

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Ride quality is excellent and steering is also on the lighter side

Driving Dynamics – To my surprise, the steering is extremely light and easy to manoeuvre and it weighs up decently. There’s no denying that the Vellfire is a heavy vehicle. At over 2 tonnes, it feels pretty intimidating to drive and it does feel that you’re lugging some weight around. We drove the car on Toyota’s private track in Bangalore for a couple of laps, so the tested terrain was pretty smooth. The suspension seems to be a little on the stiffer sides but the cloudy seats make up for any jiggle felt on the road.

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The Vellfire comes with 7 airbags and other essential safety features