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The third row is spacious enough for two adults

Interiors – The automatic sliding doors open to reveal what looks like a 1BHK, and we start from the last row. The seats are absolutely great, the legroom and headroom is abundant and I don’t feel that anyone would complain after being made to sit here even for long journeys. It gets 2 captain seats for the 3rd row, 2 adjustable headrests, 2 seat belts and even 2 full-grown adults here would find the space to be more than enough. The last row passengers also get dedicated AC vents, a sunshade and a cup holder.

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Fold the third row and there is unbelievable amount of boot space

With all 3 rows down, the boot space is decent but with the 3rd row folded up and flipped away, the space on offer is massive.

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The Vellfire is the MPV to get for chauffeur driven owners

Coming to the 2nd row, this is where the stuff gets real. The middle row is made up of 2 large lounge chairs that feel just as premium and upmarket, if not more, than the business class of any airline. In my opinion, calling them just ‘captain seats’ would be underselling the level of comfort it extends.