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The second row seats are no less than a business class seat

The lounge seats in the second row not only recline but also get a powered leg rest making it a flatbed

The seats are extremely comfortable and relaxing. The seat bolstering on the side hugs you in place and the under-thigh support extends all the way to the calves and the feet! Yes, the seats get powered leg rests and with just a button you can adjust the length and angle of it. The seats recline to an extent that it makes an almost flatbed. All these controls are in the armrest that flips open to reveal a control panel. What more could you possibly want from seats!

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The rear infotainment screens ensures rear passengers won’t be bored

The Toyota Vellfire has a rear infotainment system that connects via Bluetooth, HDMI cable and even Wifi to take care of entertainment duties for people at the back. Other features include 2 moon-roofs, ambient lighting and a small tray table as well.

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Good quality of materials used in the feature-loaded interior

It’s when you come to the front seat that you realise that after all, it’s a Toyota. The cabin is offered in two colours, all-black and flaxen. The all-black interior gets faux wooden inserts that look quite upmarket, lifting the overall feel of the car. While the larger surfaces get soft-touch materials, some buttons feel quite dated and plasticky. The touchscreen infotainment system gets Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity and is quite slick to use. The system is further complemented by 17 JBL speakers spread all around the car. The multifunction steering wheel gets a heating function too.

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Even the front seats get heating and cooling options

The front seats score big on comfort as well. It gets a heating and cooling function, seat memory, as well as the under-thigh and lumbar support, are just spot on. What’s an added bonus upfront is that the front passenger seat comes with powered leg rest. There’s also lots of space for small items, including a huge centre box between the seats.

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The petrol engine is extremely refined and smooth to drive