Triumph India plans to sell at least 2500 motorcycles every year and will constantly expand its footprint across the country.

Triumph Tiger 800 XRx
Triumph has a mix of CBU and CKD motorcycles offered in India

UK based premium motorcycle brand Triumph has had its shares of highs and lows in India. Triumph once was plagued with criticisms for falsely stating power outputs on its locally assembled bikes. On the sidelines of its recent launch of the new Tiger motorcycles, the company revealed it’s aiming to sell 2500 units every year in India. These numbers are quite high considering the fact that India is still growing as a superbike market, but Triumph is optimistic about their future as they have constantly been clocking good sales figures.

Triumph recently launched the 2015 Tiger 800 XRx and XCx variants in India for Rs 12.70 lakhs and Rs 10.50 lakhs respectively, which will play an important role in making them reach their sales targets. Triumph’s main competitors in India are brands like Kawasaki, Harley-Davidson, Ducati and upcoming Benelli in the high-end bike segment. The release of the Tiger XCx has not only made their portfolio larger but also more attractive. The new Triumph Tigers are being brought in via the CKD route, thereby being priced attractively.

The British company entered India in November 2013 and has been continuously looking at expanding its dealership network and are aiming to have around 25 dealers by 2018. Earlier Triumph was looking at developing a small capacity bike in the entry-level performance segment and had also commenced testing of the same, set to produce them at their new facility in Karnataka. However, the Rocket maker has put all such plans on hold indefinitely and will continue to concentrate on the premium segment which is seeing a surge in demand currently.

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