The Tiger XCx and the XRx are the latest additions to the Triumph India family and are targeted at extreme off-roading.

The new Triumph Tiger bikes replace the existing XC adventure bikes in the lineup

Revealing its latest products for the Indian market, Triumph India has unveiled the Tiger XCx and the XRx adventure tourers in its latest iterations. The bikes were launched internationally last year and have been brought in the country as 2015 models. Both the models are based on the same platform using a tubular steel trellis frame, as well as an aluminium swingarm and get notable differences for medium and extreme off-roading respectively.

Starting with the Triumph Tiger XCx, the bike has been designed for extreme off-roading and gets spoke wheels and high ground clearance to tackle all kinds of terrain. The Tiger XRx, on the other hand, is more touring friendly and gets alloy wheels and twin power volt sockets. Both the bikes get four different throttle maps, three riding modes, traction control modes and cruise control as standard. Stopping power comes from disc brakes at the front and rear along with switchable ABS as standard.

In terms of power, both the Triumph Tiger XCx and the XRx use an 800cc 3-cylinder engine that is tuned to churn out 95 PS of power and 79 Nm of torque (UK spec version), paired to a 6-speed gearbox. The engine also uses parts from the Daytona 675 which the company says has helped make it lighter and more precise in gear action. In addition, the new Tigers are 17 percent more fuel efficient and come with a long range courtesy of the 19-litre fuel tank. Triumph will be officially launching the bikes in March this year with prices to be announced at the same time. Apart from the new Tigers, the UK based bike maker has also showcased a completely custom Bonneville in addition to its existing lineup at the 2015 India Bike Week.

The Triumph Bonneville custom looks neatly done and accentuates the classic lines
IBW 2015 Triumph Tiger Showcase
The 2015 Triumph Tiger 800 range is available in two versions – XCx and XRx
IBW 2015 Triumph Tiger XCx
The Tiger XCx has been designed for extreme off-roading and gets spoked wheels
IBW 2015 Triumph Tiger XCx Side
The Tiger models get 4 throttle maps, 3 riding modes, traction and cruise control
IBW 2015 Triumph Tiger XCx Unveil
The Tiger range is powered by an 800cc 3-cylinder engine producing 95 PS of power
IBW 2015 Triumph Tiger XCx Rear
The XCx gets additional 20 mm ground clearance over XRx for trail riding
IBW 2015 Triumph Tiger XRx
The Triumph Tiger XRx is more touring friendly and comes equipped with alloy wheels
IBW 2015 Triumph Tiger XRx Rear
Triumph will be officially commencing sales for the Tiger range in March