TVS Apache 200 FI deliveries will commence one year after the bike was launched, ABS will take even longer!

TVS Apache 200 Test Ride
Sales of the ABS variants of the Apache 200 are still not in sight

TVS is known to launch a bike and start deliveries very late which causes a lot of customer dissatisfaction. We had written about this earlier HERE and our readers have been asking us time and again about the availability of the FI and ABS versions. We got in touch with TVS more than a month back and they are yet to get back to us. So we did our own research.

Sources close to the company and a few dealers, inform us that the Apache 200 FI deliveries are yet to commence and they will only start by February next year. While many TVS dealers have been accepting bookings unofficially, bookings will officially open in mid-January. TVS launched the Apache 200 on 20th January 2016 and sales of the FI variant will commence a year after launch. What’s more bothersome is there is still no news about the ABS variants.

The Apache 200 ABS will go on sale later in 2017 so we don’t understand as to why TVS even announced the FI and ABS models a year in advance. Currently only the carb version is available with the Pirelli tyre option being offered since last month. Most first movers had to opt for the TVS Remora tyres equipped Apache 200. The premium for Pirelli tyres amounts to Rs. 8000-9000/- (on-road price difference).

The TVS Apache 200 commands a high waiting period and thus dealers are asking for extra money or cash payment for instant delivery. With Rs. 500/- and 1000/- notes being demonetised, this option isn’t available anymore. All matte colours have a waiting period of 3-4 months while Pirelli tyres equipped models have a waiting period for matte white, matte grey and matte black colours. The company recently introduced two new colours – gloss white and gloss black with instant delivery for both tyre options.

Apache 200 FI Deliveries

– TVS took almost 6 months to start deliveries of the carb Apache 200
– TVS will start selling the Apache 200 FI in February, more than one year after launch
– Pirelli tyres equipped models took 10 months for delivery
– ABS will take even longer than a year

TVS Apache 200 FI Review
Although we have tested the Apache 200 FI, it’s not on sale yet