This one gathers up pace very quickly

The exhaust note isn’t appealing but it gets loud and engaging as you rev hard

While the commutes and rides have been going on, the APache RR 310 has been returning us about 28 to 34 km/l. Sanely riding the bike over a longer distance, we have been able to do 320-340 kms on a single tank. But the fuel consumption drops to under 28 km/l in heavy traffic and city riding conditions. The worst mileage I have experienced is 26 km/l where I was stuck in stop-go traffic for almost two hours. But the motorcycle didn’t shut due to heating issues. You can feel the hot air blown on your shin but it isn’t bad at all.

The seat is comfortable for the rider, provides enough space to move around

The brakes are very impressive but the Apache nose dives a lot under heavy braking. The ABS kicks-in most of the times as the RLM (rear-wheel lift mitigation) comes into play. The grip from the Michelin tyres is good but the tyres need to be warmed up. Early morning starts and it takes about two minutes to be ready to go. While there is a decent amount of wheelspin that happens but once you get going for 5-10 kms, the tyres get warmed up and provide optimum grip. These tyres are more suited for long distance touring as they provide a good grip and the tread hasn’t worn out much. But as soon as you hit some gravel or loose sand, these don’t grip that well. However, the tread pattern is nice and works well for both wet and dry riding conditions.

LED lights look good and they grab a lot of attention too

TVS Apache RR 310 Service Schedule

1. Free Service Schedule – (whichever is earlier)

* 1st Service – 1000 kms/60 days
* 2nd Service – 5000 kms/180 days
* 3rd Service – 10000 kms/360 days

2. Paid Service Schedule –

* 4th Service – 15000 kms/540 days
* 5th Service – 20000 kms/720 days