The Apache has very usable power throughout the revband

Pillion comfort isn’t the best as the pillion sits on a whole new level and there’s nothing to grab onto. They have to hold onto the rider or get a grip on the tank. However, even with a pillion, the Apache feels very stable and tips into corners just like that. You can feel the weight on the clip-ons if the pillion is heavy but it does not bother much if you are in continuous motion. In the last month, I have served quite a lot of pillion duties while there have been instances where I was the pillion. Although it gets scary, as the pull from the engine is quite a lot if the pillion hasn’t grabbed onto anything.

Rear suspension is very well suited for spirited riding

While I have been enjoying riding the Apache for a good time, there have been some issues with the bike which I have already mentioned earlier. However, the test motorcycle is from the first lot and the vibration issues have been there all along. As you ride an Apache RR 310 you tend to join a few groups from around owning the same bike, where I have seen the vibrations reduce drastically in the current models. I have also noticed that TVS has been considering all the customer issues and acting on them pretty well. Newer models rolling out of the showrooms are getting rubber housings on various places and it actually dampens the vibrations to a great extent. It’s time, that the long-termer heads back for a quick service and be ready for more mile munching.

It’s always on stealth mode and is yet quite a looker

What’s Cool

* The 310cc engine – fun and torquey
* Ergonomics are spot on for the rider
* Brakes and tyres are very well suited to the motorcycle

What’s Not So Cool

* Manoeuvring through traffic is a task
* Pillion isn’t very comfortable for long distance riding
* Vibrations can be felt and the exhaust note isn’t pleasing at lower RPMs

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