TVS Apache RTR 165 RP Trademark
The TVS Apache range is set to expand, again!

The TVS Apache RTR 165 RP could be launched in the market in the last quarter of this fiscal year

TVS has received the trademark for the Apache RTR 165 RP moniker, which signals the arrival of a new sportier variant to the brand’s popular motorcycle range.

The “RP” in the trademark stands for “Race Performance” and the automaker has also obtained the trademark for the term.

In September, MotorBeam reported about the firm having filed the trademark applications for the above-mentioned titles, which can be read here.

Since the trademarks have been approved, one can speculate what the upcoming Apache RTR 165 RP will be like. First up, it is evident (from its name) that the motorcycle will build on the current Apache RTR 160 4V.

The “165” refers to the cubic capacity of the machine and this should result in the bike having more power and possible better torque than the Apache RTR 160 4V that comes with 17.55 PS and 14.73 torques.

TVS Race Performance Trademark
The Race Performance division of TVS could roll out more products in the future

Expect the new sportier variant to come with new colourways and graphics, a sportier riding position, adjustable hand levers (available with 160 4V Special Edition), TVS SmartXonnect feature and ride modes.

Moreover, the bike could very well come with a sportier suspension setup, and may well borrow the pre-load adjustable Showa front suspension from the Apache RTR 200 4V. It might also come with dual channel ABS.

Hopefully, despite all these changes, the TVS Apache RTR 165 RP will weigh similar to the bike on which it is based, at around 146 kg.

Once the first “RP” model hits the market, more such motorcycles, possibly a Apache RTR 200 RP could follow in a short period of time.