TVS will launch a new hybrid scooter and an electric scooter in December 2017 and March 2018 respectively.

TVS Scooty Zest Matte Blue
TVS expects the 2-wheeler industry to grow at about 6-8 percent this FY

Due to the unavailable infrastructure for electric vehicles, TVS Motor is betting big on the hybrid technology as it gears up to launch a new hybrid-powered scooter this December 2017. TVS has confirmed that it is working on introducing new hybrid and electric scooters.

For the time-being, the focus is on hybrid technology and its first hybrid scooter will be powered by both battery and petrol. This hybrid scooter is set to make its market debut this year end. As for the electric scooter that TVS has hinted will launch in March 2018, it would be using its own battery management system and individual cells sourced from international suppliers. The battery will be assembled within the company.

TVS is also investing on the design of the motor for its electric scooters and if there is considerable demand it would be further investing in manufacturing motors too. Recently, the TVS electric scooter had been spied disguised in Bengaluru. The electric scooter takes design inspiration from the popular Jupiter.

The company has been working on an electric bike for over 6 years now and sights the life of lead acid batteries to be the main obstacle for the delay in the launch of the same. The price of Lithium-ion batteries is on the higher side and this is the same reason for the delay in mass adoption of electric cells.

TVS Hybrid Scooter Launch

– TVS confirms the launch of its hybrid scooter and an all-electric scooter
– Due to the insufficient infrastructure to support EVs, TVS is betting big on hybrid technology
– By 2020, TVS predicts a ratio of one electric scooter for every five scooters sold in India

TVS Jupiter SYNC Braking System Gold
The upcoming TVS electric scooter will borrow design cues form the Jupiter