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The underseat storage is limited at 18-litres, not as impressive

Ergonomics – Just like any other scooter in the market the seating posture of the iQube is upright while there is a decent amount of space on the footboard to move your leg around. There is a battery present inside the footboard but unlike the competition, it isn’t too high. Similarly, the seat height is at 770 mm making it very comfortable for all kind of riders too. The seat is wide and cushioning is soft while there is enough room for the rider as well as the pillion. The pillion footpegs are finished in rubber which makes it grippy yet does not bother the rider too much. The mirrors also have a boxy finish and are quite huge in size. They might not look good but are quite purposeful.

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Initial performance from the electric motor is really quick

Performance – TVS iQube Electric is powered by a 4.4 kW motor which produces 5.9 BHP and 140 Nm of torque. As the electric motor is a hub motor the torque is calculated in a different manner based on the rotational mass which gives it such a higher number. As the motor is on the wheel itself, the torque delivery is quite immediate and the scooter picks up pace quickly. Another advantage of a hub motor is the noise, as there are no external mechanical parts or a cooling system present on the scooter, it is very silent even in the power mode.

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Multiple modes make it suitable for city as well as highway commutes

TVS iQube is the most silent electric scooter considering the competition

The BLDC electric hub motor is made at the TVS plant and has a maximum range of up to 75 kms in the economy mode. One can switch between the modes on the go with the mode switch and the power mode will return up to 55 kms of riding range. With 2.25 kWh of battery capacity the riding range is decent as the scooter will top out at 45 km/hr in eco mode and 78 km/hr in the power mode. The battery is split into 3 units and it takes about 5 hours for a full charge. As a safety feature if the scooter does not move or there is a throttle input for a minute it will automatically go into the idle mode.