This Gallardo may not look all that different but Florida based tuner Heffner Performance has added a twin-turbo package to the high-revving 5.0L V10 engine of this Lamborghini. The power output has been boosted to an insane 930hp at the wheels.

There’s no word if this output is put to the ground with the Gallardo’s standard AWD system, but even with the four-wheel-traction this crazy amount of power will be extremely difficult to control. Peak torque is rated at a crazy 1032Nm, almost five times of what a Skoda Octavia RS produces.

The modifications to the standard Gallardo are extensive and expensive. Starting with a complete engine removal and disassembly, Heffner has installed steel cylinder liners, new forged pistons, polished crankshaft journals, new bearings, a new twin-turbo system with custom exhausts and intake systems, twin wastegates and blow-off-valves, 1000hp-rated Carrillo Billet Steel connecting rods, a twin-stage electronic boost controller and a heavy duty clutch to transfer all that power.

To make sure everything runs smoothly, Heffner has also installed uprated fuel and water pumps, fuel injectors and a water cooled intercooler system. Styling enhancements include a carbon fiber rear decklid and a Superleggera style rear diffuser and spoiler.