UM Motorcycles has two dual purpose bikes in its portfolio – 2014 DSR and 2015 DSR. The Indian market has hardly any place for such a segment and we have seen disaster strike the Hero Impulse. United Motors would be betting against huge odds if they plan to launch anyone of these.

2014 DSR – This on-road, off-road bike is currently available with three engine options of 125cc, 175cc and 200cc. The DSR is another dual purpose bike with parts looking similar to the Impulse. The suspension system consists of hydraulic telescopic in the front and a monoshock at the rear. Just like the other UM bikes, it would be available in disc-drum combination. The graphics are pretty raw.

UM 2014 DSR Dual Sport

UM 2014 DSR Front

UM 2014 DSR Side

UM 2014 DSR Rear

2015 DSR – The 2015 DSR is the advanced version of the DSR. The 2015 DSR would also be available with three engine options but superior ones; 125cc (10.45 HP, 9 Nm), 200cc (14.75 HP, 15 Nm) and 225cc (17.27 HP, 16.86 Nm). The higher capacity engines would provide good amount of torque for rough terrains. The suspension and the brake systems are same as that of the DSR. The graphics are better when compared to the predecessor and the vehicle would be more inclined towards off-roading.

UM 2015 DSR Dual Sport LED Lights

UM 2015 DSR Dual Sport Instrument Cluster

UM 2015 DSR Dual Sport Front

UM 2015 DSR Dual Sport Side

UM 2015 DSR Dual Sport Rear