Jawa Onwer Donkey Rally
Abhayraj protesting in front of the Jawa Dealership in Udaipur

One unhappy Jawa owner based out of Udaipur, Rajasthan recently took his bike for a “donkey ride” as he was vexed with the ownership experience so far.

The person in question is Abhayraj Singh, who claims to be a working student, who had purchased a Jawa 42 last September.

A keen enthusiast, he says he purchased the bike with great expectations because of the brand and reports that his vehicle has broken down thrice in eight months.

In his email to the manufacturer, he explains that his Jawa 42 stops working every time he takes it over a distance of 100 km and goes on to add that the bike stopped working when he was 37 km, 112 km and 55 km away from home.

All three times he had taken the bike to the dealership, paying huge sums from his pocket for transporting the motorcycle there.

The unhappy Jawa owner also states that he is neither satisfied with the bike nor with the behaviour of the dealership staff and says they take 15 days to repair and return the bike every time.

He requests that the company provide him with a satisfactory solution or else says he will be approaching the court to get his money back.

On 6th July he posted a screenshot of his email on Twitter, tagging Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra, CEO of Classic Legends Ashish Joshi and Jawa Motorcycles and received a reply from Jawa the next day.

Details about his bike’s booking ID and dealership details were sought from the owner, which he provided. But it seems nothing was done about the issue, as on 2nd August, Abhayraj showed his protest by taking his bike for a donkey rally.

By looking at the pictures we can see that the bike was not pulled by the donkeys, but rather they were used by the man to display his displeasure.

No more details about the issue have surfaced, but we expect Jawa to look into the issue seriously and rectify the issues on the bike concerned, especially since it costs upwards of Rs. 1.60 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Unhappy Jawa Owner

  • A Jawa 42 owner takes his bike for a donkey ride to display his displeasure
  • The man from Udaipur says his bike has stopped working thrice
  • He had purchased the motorcycle in September last year
Jawa Owner Tweet
The screenshot of his tweet in which he added an image of his stricken bike